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"6-Pack Abs are the international benchmark of a fit-physique." - Max

'Ab-Awareness' is a concept I alone coined in 2008 to convey the Zen-like, subconscious state that I maintain in my mid-section, always having my abs & core engaged and ready to go.  Many athletes & martial artists, and others in tune with their bodies have done this, but I have taken it a step further and analyzed it in order to teach others.  This concept is way more than simply vanity or aesthetics:

Though it is a proven method toward lean, 6-pack abs, this is (holistically) more about the integrity of my entire core, ideal posture, optimal physical performance & feeling more confident in general.  When actively applying ab-awareness, simultaneously and continuously, your abs, (rectus, transversus & obliques) are being toned & exercised to some degree.  Don't just let your gut hang out...EVER!  At first it comes down to desire, discipline & pride, but very soon it becomes subconscious and even a path to higher-consciousness... 


ALMOST A RELIGION...The Vacuum pose/exercise and the PLANK are equally effective at strengthening the Transversus Abdominus and flattening your belly and tightening your waist, by pulling your belly inward.

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