Training Focus: Low-back, Abs & Core!

Condensed from with Max Wettstein as the model!..and I do endorse this routine!

Photos by Robert Reiff for Robert Kennedy's Maximum Fitness magazine


Front Plank to Side Plank

(Abdominals & Lower back)

Targets Core: Hold each position, both sides, for 30 seconds each.


Glute Bridge

Targets Glutes & Hamstrings.

Be sure to squeeze and fire your glutes - don't let your hips sink.

Hold for 60 seconds.

Reverse Crunch

Targets Lower Abs.

Squeeze your abs and roll your pelvis towards your chest,

raising your hips off of the floor. Your knees will now be above your chest. Slowly return.

Slowly return to the starting position.

Curl Up

Targets Upper Abs.

Lock your head in a neutral position and curl your torso toward your thighs

until you're fully upright - think of rolling yourself toward your thighs, don't jerk.

Prone Cobra

Targets Lumbar spine, posture and combats, forward-head slouch.

(Surfer's are great at this one!)

Contract your glutes and lower back and raise your upper torso and legs

off the floor. At the same time rotate your arms outward. Hold 60 seconds.

Frequency for this routine: Twice per week.

Do each exercise in a circuit fashion, resting 15 to 30 seconds between each.  Rest for 2 mins

between circuits.  Do three complete circuits.




Photo left: Band-sprints training will help you develop explosive power, 'quick-feet' and activate all your type-2 fast-twitch muscle fibers.  You will be above your lactate-threshold and quickly experience the good burn!  Very high-intensity work-outs such as this trigger a major Growth Hormone and testosterone response, immediately following. photo courtesy of Frog's Fitness, Encinitas & Train Smart Inc.  in photo, Grant & Max Wettstein



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