Healthy Snack Options!

You should know by now that one of the best ways to set your metabolism on FIRE is to eat frequent, smaller meals & snacks consistently through-out the day.  Approximately eating 6 times per day about every 3 hours or so will accomplish this.  You will eat just enough to give your body sustainable energy and keep your hunger satiated, yet not enough to store excess calories as fat or cause huge fluctuations in blood-sugar.  You'll want over-all balanced macro-nutrient meals that provide sustained, time-released, consistent energy with an over all lower glycemic load.  The only exception to this is your post-exercise meal when high-glycemic carbs intake can take advantage of an insulin surge to shuttle nutrients to cells & replenish glycogen to begin muscle repair.

But we can't always take the time to make elaborate or complex meals so that is when it is nice to have some healthy snack options readily available.  Also, there are times when we have a craving for sweets, or just plain have the munchies and only a certain snack will do!  In the two videos below I provide over 10 snack options that are not only healthy but can also be part of any lean-body nutrition plan - I should know!  If you love popcorn, you have to try this recipe:


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