Single-Leg Squats using only Your Body Weight

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The single-leg squat using only your own body weight is perhaps the most effective lower-body exercise that exists when you can't make it into the gym.  Men's Health magazine even says so.  In fact, many consider it to be a benchmark or measure of fitness, just like the push-up, pull-up, vertical-jump, 40 meter sprint, etc.  I would venture to say that anybody who considers themselves an athlete should be able to single-leg squat their own body weight.  If you can't perform this exercise at least one rep, you probably have no business performing weighted barbell squats in the gym.  In this video I demonstrate how to perform two techniques of the single-leg squat:


In the video below, Trainer Nathane Jackson demonstrates a very effective Single-Leg Box Squat version or bench version:


Nathane Jackson is a Fitness Trainer & Cover model, CPT, CSCS, KBTS

No doubt this is a very challenging exercise and for many of you it will be something to work up to as you will not be able to do one repetition at first, but don't give up!  You will be excited to learn a new exercise for lower-body allowing you additional freedom from the gym.  When you finally master this you can feel proud that you have achieved a new benchmark of personal fitness!

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