Max's Typical (free-weight) Upper-Body Workout!


Nothing fancy here! I train upper-body with 'free-weights' 1 to 2 times per week depending on what other training I've been doing that week, such as surfing or other forms of cross-training.  I use moderate weight to allow for a rep-range of 10 to 12 reps, coming close to failure on the last rep (ATP/creatine failure NOT lactic-acid failure). I go for maximum 'pump' and finish each contraction with an isometric squeeze at the peak. Typically, as you will see, I use traditional free-weight, barbell & dumbbell exercises. Enjoy & thank you!


Above BONUS video: Two more very challenging, ADVANCED upper-body exercises that when combined, will target EVERY muscle group in your entire upper-body! I promise you! The 'Muscle-Up' AKA, 'Egyptian Pull-up'.

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