Plank Variations - killer CORE!

     Light as a feather, stiff as a board!...It's time to PLANK!  Planking has great exercise VALUE because not only does it involve your entire core, but also you can plank anywhere - no gym required!  Perhaps no other single exercise strengthens your entire core as effectively as planking, recruiting your rectus-abs, transversus-abs, obliques, hips, lower-back and more.  But before you yawn out of boredom or claim you've "been there and done that in yoga class", check out my video below where I demonstrate at least 12 different variations of the plank, beginning with the most basic, to more advanced.  Towards the end I even incorporate weights, stability ball and suspension straps!  While not intended to be a sole workout in and of itself, at least now you will have plenty of planking options to refer to during your other functional & core workouts.  And if you happen to be a surfer, this will really help your 'pop-up', when you go from prone to standing in one move!  So check it out below!...


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