Sinusitis & Dry Cabin & Hotel Air (Low-humidity, air-conditioned & re-circulated AIR)

**Not medical advice**  Copyright Max Wettstein 2012

Modern day Airliner cabin-air is a lot better quality than it used to be.  Actually (at least in the Airbus) it is only 50% re-circulated and the rest is brought in 'fresh' (relatively speaking) from engine-inlet, high-pressure bleed air.  All this air is scrubbed through HEPA filters before entering the passenger cabin.  However all the air is 'conditioned' leaving it very dry with almost zero humidity.  Part of the problem is up at cruise altitude it is very cold and most moisture has condensed out of the air into clouds.  Then when the ambient air enters the compressor turbine any remaining moisture condenses out further.  Lastly the aircraft's onboard conditioning system further drys it out.  While it is a myth that viral pathogens can become airborne (unless a fellow passenger sneezes or coughs on you), DRY AIR is very hard on the mucus lining of the sinuses and hinders their ability to trap and whisk away particles & pathogens.  This drying out of the sinuses is the catalyst for catching a cold while flying, or in the dry air-conditioned or heated hotel rooms.  Furthermore if one takes any kind of decongestant medicine this further dries out the mucus membranes exacerbating the problem.  The most simple & cheapest solution?  Wash your hands, sanitize your travel space, don't pick your nose or rub your eyes, AND, keep your sinuses MOIST so they can work properly by snorting a non-medicinal, atomized, sinus mister.  Such nasal sprays are usually just saline and maybe some colloidal-silver, or grape-seed extract, or Xylitol!

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