Body Fat % Testing & Body Composition Analysis!

Knowing your body composition - your lean-body mass - is key before beginning any weight-loss or diet plan.  Because you want to ensure that the weight you're losing is actually FAT & not precious muscle tissue, it useful to benchmark your body fat % at the starting point & then track it periodically during your physique transformation.  Remember, (aside from genetic predisposition), your muscle mass is the primary driving factor in setting your resting metabolism, or in determining your Basal Metabolic Rate, (BMR).  In the two videos below I present two of the three most common methods of testing your body fat percentage as well as determining your over all lean-body mass: BioElectrical Impedance Vs. Hydrostatic testing respectively, the latter being widely accepted as the most accurate.  The third method not shown here is known as 'Skin-fold' using calipers.  So take a look as I disclose all & subject myself to testing on film!


Note: I have branded myself as being a fitness professional who truly is FIT all year round with a body fat of 6% or less for the past 9 years.  In these two videos where I tested randomly, you will witness me back up my claim!...You be the final judge!  Special thanks to for allowing me to spontaneously film in their mobile lab.

To find out your ideal body fat % as recommended by the American Council on Exercise click HERE!

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