Daily Detoxing Made Simple

And Liver and Colon Health

by Max Wettstein, Copyright 2005  *This is not medical advice

    We’re exposed to toxins, free-radicals and carcinogens everyday, from car exhaust to contaminated water to household chemicals to drugs, alcohol, second-hand cigarette smoke, etc.  Even some of the food we eat may contain pesticide residues, synthetic hormones, antibiotics, rancid and hydrogenated oils, PCBs, mercury, artificial sweeteners, and preservatives.  The fact is, unless we were to move way out to the country, far from civilization and eat only organic and unrefined foods, there is no escaping exposure.  For the most part, our bodies miraculously filter and excrete these toxins, and for the most part, can handle the load.  The primary organs responsible for filtering toxins are the liver, lungs, skin, lymphatic system, kidneys and colon, though every single cell possesses its own defense mechanisms. 

    Sometimes however, we’re all guilty of over loading our bodies and neglecting our health, with additional consumption of toxins.  While it is true we have no control over things such as vehicle exhaust exposure, or may not have access to ‘organic’ food, or we may require certain prescription medications which are critical to our health, we certainly don’t help ourselves when we go out partying all night, or pop Ibuprofen everyday for chronic aches and pains.  There is a pill available to help us with every ailment now, and all of these medications, and all of those cocktails, get metabolized by our liver.  Over time it can take a toll and bile ducts may become clogged with stones.  Highly acidic diets composed mostly of animal-derived meats and fats, refined foods and oils, coffee and soda can cause gall-bladder stones and kidney stones to form.  Every time you take a course of antibiotics, you also harm the colonies of ‘friendly’ bacteria that live in your colon.  These helpful bacteria are there to control yeast/Candida, (fungus), fight off viruses and other pathogens, and aide in complete digestion.  Repeated use of antibiotics without reestablishing probiotic bacteria leads to yeast overgrowth and increased risk of invading pathogens leaking into your body through your colon wall.  Years of low-fiber, refined food diets, and use of corticosteroids can lead to build up of impacted fecal residue and mucoid plaque in your colon, and eventually even polyps.  And just to kick you while your down, it turns out that the more fat you have, the more of these toxins you store, because fat cells seem to trap toxins and partially-metabolized drug residues – kind of locks it all in.

    Wow.  I’m quite the ‘dooms-day’ guy right now, making it seem as if we’re all going to die of liver failure tomorrow.  Well, as I mentioned earlier the liver, which handles the brunt of detoxing, in reality keeps up quite well, as do the rest of our organs.  Really now, we’re only human, and if we can’t socialize and have a few cocktails once in a while, then what’s the point of being healthy?  And there are times when you’ve stuck it out with the flu for 2 weeks, and just aren’t getting any better and antibiotics are the only way to heal.  Yes of course we need to be reasonable and expect that exposure to toxins is an unavoidable consequence of living, and our bodies should be able to handle it.  But every once in a while, maybe once a month or even once a day, why not do one or two things to help your body cleanse itself from the inside out?

    The ultimate way to cleanse your body would be to fast on nothing but pure water for a week or longer.  Perhaps add in a few herbal teas and a sauna session for a good sweat, to be sure.  However, this is not a realistic option for the majority of us, not to mention such a radical fast would make the process a lousy experience, and we’d be very hungry!  Assuming you’d rather not check yourself into a Scientology clinic or a holistic spa in Sedona, here are few simple things you can do on a yearly, monthly or daily basis to help your body detox and support liver and colon health:


  1. Drink more water.  Dilutes urine and helps support all body functions.
  2. Exercise more.  When you exercise, you increase circulation and move lymphatic fluid.  Metabolism speeds up, breathing increases, you sweat – and all of this helps dislodge and transport toxins out of the body.  While it is true that exercise produces some free-radicals, the benefits far out weigh any consequence.
  3. Get a massage.  Massage also moves lymphatic fluid and increases circulation.

**Physical movement is the only way to circulate lymphatic fluid.  The heart and cardiovascular system does not circulate it, thus physical activity or massage is basically the only way to transport lymphatic wastes.  This is one reason, besides jetlag that you feel so out of it and stiff after flying a Transcon.   

  1. Limit alcohol and other drugs.  This is the most obvious and direct step you can take to give your liver some relief. Instead of ibuprofen, use ice to reduce pain and inflammation when able.  If you have a headache, drink more water.  Quitting smoking should be obvious, as cigarette smoke is full of carcinogens.
  2. Take a sauna or a steamPerspiration is an excellent way to expel toxins through your skin pores.
  3. Take and Epsom salt bath.  The Epsom salt helps draw toxins out through the skin.
  4. Eat Organic foods.  I realize this is an expensive option, and there certainly aren’t any airports out there serving organic.  ‘Organic’ is regulated by the FDA and when you see this on the label it guarantees hormone, antibiotic, and pesticide-free.  If you don’t see ‘organic’ then ‘all-natural’, and ‘free-range’, are also good choices.
  5. Inspect your pantry for old, rancid cooking oils and toss them.  Most oils over a few months old that have been exposed to excessive light and heat may be rancid.  Likewise, heat processed and hydrogenated oils are also very unhealthy and likely carcinogenic.  These rancid oils are the worst type of fat, can be carcinogenic, and are also linked to heart disease.  All oils used in food preparation should be cold-pressed and fresh, and stored in a cool, dark place.  The healthiest oils are olive oil, flax, and canola, and these can also be a good source of essential fatty acids, (omegas 3, 6, and 9, in proper ratio).
  6. Eat yogurt or cottage cheese with live-active cultures to provide your GI tract with friendly, probiotic bacteria.  Probiotics are also available in supplement form, and must be refrigerated since they are living bacteria colonies such as acidophilus and bifodophilus.  Protect your colon from yeast overgrowth and pathogens.
  7. Flush your colon every now and then.  This may sound a bit extreme or gross, but believe me, it needs cleaning out to remove any old, encrusted waste, and perhaps even parasites.  You’ll be surprised what may come out!  How you choose to do this is up to you, whether it be an enema, a colonic, or simply drinking a Yogi ‘Get-Regular’ Tea.  For once you’ll finally have that flat, un-distended stomach you’ve always wished for.  If you’re over age 50, be sure to get a colonoscopy to make sure that you don’t have any polyps forming.
  8. Take Milk Thistle herbal supplement.  Milk Thistle is a plant, and its extracts are clinically proven to help rebuild the liver.  There are no negative side-effects.
  9. Flush your liver bile ducts and gall bladder every now and then by fasting for a day and then drinking a half cup of olive oil mixed with pure grapefruit juice before bed.  You may empty some gall stones the next morning during your next BM.  Drinking a tablespoon of epsom salt an hour prior can help open up the bile ducts.
  10. Drink cleansing, herbal tea blends.  Teas are the easiest and cheapest way to provide your body with healing herbs, and there are so many beneficial herbs out there.  I personally use Yogi Tea blends, and Yogi even makes a Detox blend.  Just steep for 5 minutes in hot water and you’ve got an instant cup of cleansing.
  11. B12-vitamin, Niacin, has been shown to help the body expel toxins, and manifests this process in the form of a red, warm, flushing of the skin.  In order for this to work properly you must be sure you’re taking Niacin and not Niacinamide which is currently contained in most multi-vitamins.
  12. Anti-oxidants from raw fruits, especially berries, vegetables, and supplements, will help bind free-radicals produced from the body’s own physiological processes and from consumption of carcinogenic particles.  Vitamins C, E, and Grapeseed extract are particularly powerful.
  13. Add Chlorophyll to your diet by eating green, leafy vegetables, liquid chlorophyll drops, or a shot of wheat grass juice.  Chlorophyll is the dark, green pigment found in all plant life allowing photosynthesis to occur, harnessing energy from sunlight for growth.  This powerful substance, has many purported health benefits, with two of the main ones being blood building and cleansing.  Molecularly, chlorophyll is very similar in make up to human blood, with its central atom being magnesium versus iron.  Wheat grass juice is a good way to ingest chlorophyll as one would have to eat a pound of grass to to get the nutrition content contained in a one ounce shot of juice, not to mention our digestive system can not break down cellulose.

    This list could go on and you probably have a few more ideas of your own, but the intent is not to overwhelm you.  Again, even if you just do one of these suggestions a day, you are helping yourself.  Sure, your liver can probably keep up with all your drinking and debauchery just fine, but why not lend it a hand every now and then?  I apologize for getting a little extreme with the whole colonic idea, but I owe it to you to be forthcoming when writing for your health.  Hey, you’ve got nothing to lose.  About the only negative consequence to cleansing your body and strengthening your liver is, you may no longer be a ‘cheap drunk’ because the healthier your liver is, the more alcohol it can metabolize and at a greater rate, leaving you more sober than you might be used to!

 Sources: ; Clear Body Clear Mind by L. Ron Hubbard; Lessons from the Miracle Doctors by Jon Barron; Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford.

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