Proper Posture is Critical... Avoid Low-back Pain

You must 'align' - find your 'neutral spine' - engage your core - bend at the hips - lift with your legs!

(The following videos are opinion only and not medical advice.  Originally created for Destination Health Plus 2009)

When it comes to low-back pain, there are those of us who've already experienced it and those who will.  Whether the pain comes from a strain, pull, spasm, bulging or herniated disc, or sublexed vertebrae, seeking out your ideal alignment and 'NEUTRAL spine' is key to finding and fixing the cause of your ailment.  The holistic approach is to begin with correct posture, specific to you.  Proper posture is critical in preventing low-back pain and injury, whether you're standing, sitting, sleeping, and especially during exercise.  Become hyper-aware of your posture & LISTEN to your body!

Physical Therapist Lisa Ford specializes in posture analysis.  In the following videos she discusses how to examine, assess, and begin to correct your own posture imbalances and strengthen your core to protect your lower back.


Left:  Proper Posture to avoid low-back pain       Right:  Learn to sit correctly to keep your lower back healthy!

**Even MORE on the LETHAL effects of excessive SITTING - new study by the American Cancer Society: Sitting: A Lethal Occupational Hazard

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