Board-Sports Workout - Max's ATHLETE Coaching & Training real-world success client...

Balance - Stability - Core - Plyometric - Strengthening - Joint Intergrity

**Perform at your own risk. Trainer supervision & a spotter is recommended**

My daughter Bryce Wettstein is a world-ranked, sponsored surfer & skateboarder athlete.  I'm her coach & trainer.  In between surfing & skateboarding sessions, this is the workout I designed for her to condition her body, build joint-integrity, core strength & high-intensity stamina.  She does this workout about 2 days per week, 2 sets of each exercise shown, AFTER a proper WARM-UP, under supervision.  She also takes dance & gymnastics classes which build additional, functional-strength & cross-training.  Just as in my own training, for Bryce I emphasize full-body, FUNctional fitness!

So I ask you: Are YOU as fit as an 8 year old girl?...


...and YES, Skateboarding does make you FIT!

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