Skateboarding Makes You Fit!

**Not medical advice  Copyright Max Wettstein 2012**

 Skateboarding is for fun, for style and self-expression - even for the soul.  But can skating be for fitness?  As a fitness professional & athlete in my own right, I would respectfully like to point out that skating does in fact make you fit!  I should know, as coach of sponsored skater and as bowl-owner.  I skate at least 4 days per week, and if I'm personally going to spend that much time doing something physical then you know it HAS TO BE a means towards getting fit!  But I'm all about FUNctional fitness when possible!

          And that is what makes skateboarding so effective as a form of exercise: When we skate we are having so much fun, and so focused in the present moment that we either don’t perceive our level of exertion, or if we do we simply override our normal fatigue barriers because we’re having so much fun or are so intent on stomping a new trick. 

          Skating is without a doubt, legitimate exercise.  This might be common sense to some of us, while other skaters couldn’t care either way.  But we can and should feel good about ourselves in knowing, that when we skate many physiological and psychological benefits are taking place.  When we carve a pool or bowl, lactic-acid accumulates in our legs causing that good kind of muscle burn, setting off a chain of muscle-building, fat-burning, and metabolism-boosting benefits.  When we ollie a gap or onto a rail, the quick, explosive execution of this very technical maneuver simultaneously recruits all of our fast-twitch muscle fibers in our legs and requires incredible coordination and neuromuscular activation to contract so quickly and precisely.  When we slalom or downhill skate, the high-speeds attained command a heightened sense of awareness and precision in every turn, as we push traction limits to the edge of the envelope.  Maintaining an aerodynamic body position requires endurance and slow-twitch muscle fiber conditioning.  Boosting air out of a vert-ramp requires the utmost confidence and instills believing in yourself and in your ability.   All forms of skating burn calories develop core-strength and categorize as truly functional, full-body exercise.

           Whether in our own driveway or at a world-class Skatepark, skating stimulates the release of the reward-neurotransmitter known as dopamine – the same holy-grail of brain chemicals that cocaine users become addicted to, but sacrificing their health in the process.  The act of skateboarding, like many other sports, allows us – even forces us, to exist in the present moment, giving us a break from the daily stresses we all face.  In fact, no matter how hard we may push ourselves or how many slams we take; ironically we always walk away from a session more energized than before we started.  And the longer we skate, the more we realize that we are addicted to skateboarding, and fortunately it is a healthy and pure addiction that is good for our body minds and soul.  Nobody can dispute this, and if they try, they will have to answer to Spike!

Above video Max sk8ing in his backyard Iguana Bowl

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