My Holistic Health Eating Strategy!

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     The following is the 'Nutrition chapter' excerpted from my all-new 'Guide to Athletic Abs!' DVD filmed in High-Def with co-host Chelsea Cruz.  In this video I basically show you some of my staple food items that you can buy at any whole-foods type of market, and I also share with you my basic macro-nutrient breakdown, meal frequency, and glycemic-loading strategies.  I also touch on my favorite (generic) supplements.  I would say the best thing about how I choose to eat is I do not require eliminating ANY food-groups, nor do I subscribe to ANY 'diet' fad or trend, past or present.  It's a LIFESTYLE approach, welcoming ALL clean-foods in moderation, as close to their most natural state as possible.  But then, I do not have any food allergies, and I'm not clinically diagnosed with any diet hindrances such as insulin-resistance or type-2 diabetes, (which would then require minimizing or eliminating certain food groups).  Please enjoy this video and the following hyper-links that will direct you to other topics you may be interested in such as my whole-foods pie chart, my super-foods list, my macro-nutrient breakdown, my healthy snack options video, my in-depth discussion on the love-hate relationship between carbs & insulin, my grocery-shopping video, and finally my pre/intra/post-workout smoothie recipe video!  Be sure to scroll all the way down for my video based cooking and recipe section!


...and the video BELOW, I was a guest on the 'Tone-it-Up!' show with Katrina & Karena and they had me run through my daily eating plan, basically...


Check out my full recipe and cooking section below all produced my wife and I at home fresh!...please check back as we are adding videos weekly!...





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