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    Hello, this is Max & I've been an athlete my whole life & been fitness modeling for 10 years to include appearing on over 20 national & international covers.   I am the sole creator of the Zen-like concept known simply as Abs-AwarenessI'm the author of 'How Much Fat are You Carrying?' - a holistic approach to fat-loss book which is a bestseller at Jimbo's whole food stores & my Guide to Amazing ABS! eBook & DVD.  I'm the resident fitness contributor for San Diego's Four EL men's magazine supplement company & a founding consultant for, as well as the resident fitness advisor (& airline Captain!) for JetBlue Airways!

    I'm only telling you all this to quickly validate myself & establish credibility with you as an intelligent fat-loss & lean-body mass resource, and published fitness professional.  I have been literally & obsessively passionate about analyzing & studying the often elusive & highly sought-after "6-Pack ABS" for the past ten years or evolving into understanding the even more elusive 8-Pack! (yes it is anatomically possible!).

    I have been fortunate to have highly defined abdominal muscles all my life, due in part to genetics of course, but also due to hard work yes, but most importantly due to education on this subject matter, both physiologically & anatomically.  Perhaps no other fitness professional in history has spent so much time studying the muscle groups that make up the midsection & core as I have: What muscle groups they involve, how to target them best, what to eat, the internal physiology that drives it all, and of course the bizarre, Atypical, internal, visceral, belly-fat that is the most DANGEROUS kind of fat usually associated with & attached to the OMENTUM, which directly leads to systemic inflammation, disease, and of course an unsightly bulging belly!  So without further delay directly following I will now present FREE key info via photo, video, and article links about EVERYTHING (and I mean absolutely EVERYTHING if you're will to dig thru it all!), about ABS & CORE to include: the anatomy & muscle groups, physiology, exercises, diet & nutrition, 'ABS-Awareness' concept & application, fitness-model secrets & vanity tips, combating (internal/visceral/) dangerous belly-fat, and much more!

    So can YOU hang with ABS-Expert MAX WETTSTEIN?...Do you have the drive, the passion...the OBSESSION?!  I promise you, if you follow every embedded hyper-link on this page and watch EVERY video, (all FREE!), you will be armed with all the knowledge you need to reduce belly-fat, combat central-obesity & 'Metabolic-Syndrome-X', & sculpt 6-pack abs by shedding the layer of adipose (subcutaneous fat) tissue that has been hiding those Rectus-ABS of yours for so long!  So enjoy my ABS-obsessed friends, and yes it's okay being obsessed, because when you decrease your body fat % and reduce internal belly-fat you are becoming healthier too, and lowering your risk for so many inflammatory, obesity-related diseases! - Sincerely, Max Wettstein

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    Okay so there (here) you have it: the culmination of my ten-year body of work in one concise FREE web-page!  Folks, what I'm doing here is fact I'm kind of tripping out actually because somehow I've managed to embed years of research & effort into ONE web page!!  But keep in mind all the videos & article links you find embedded on this specific page are directly related to abs & belly-fat.  I have produced so much more media & information for health & fitness, and, training & nutrition in general, avail on my website & of course on my YouTube channel!...Over 120 videos I have independently produced and counting, so subscribe!  Also available in my holistic fat-loss book too!  Below I have provided links to in-depth interviews about my holistic-approach, training & nutrition regimen & of course my ABS-protocol:

    I truly hope I can help you attain your leaner-body & 6-pack-ABS goals!  Sincerely, Max Wettstein, contact:


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